The Ranger

On June 18th, 2017 we hosted our first annual fundraising event, The Ranger.

With the urgency to protect this beautiful area rising, we decided to get creative in our organizing efforts. A Ranger is someone who actively patrols and protects a specific plot of land. Because we love these four towns affected by the NewVistas development and everything that makes every rural community in Vermont so special, we went with a name that would give our event more meaning. We wanted people at the event to be a part of our effort to protect these communities, even if they weren’t from the area.

To be a Ranger one must patrol their specific plot of land to enforce its protection. There is no better way to patrol efficiently and still be completely immersed in one’s surroundings other than by bike. 98 Cyclists left the Tunbridge Fairgrounds on a tour that would take them on some of the most scenic roads through and around the area most threatened by the proposed NewVistas development.

After the ride riders, community members and anyone wanting to join were invited to our ‘Together We Can” celebration. Local bands, Haywire, and Sensible Shoes kept the vibe light and fun while our friends at NOFA-VT, Farmers & Foragers and Kiss The Cow Farm served up some delicious eats. Our 1987 Ford Falcon photo booth, equipped with costumes, and Cow Pie Bingo kept folks entertained and of course we can’t forget the beer…


“It was inspiring to see so many community members and visitors coming together to lend a hand and have a good time!”


We are so lucky to have the good people at Brocklebank Craft Brewing and Upper Pass Beer Co. in our communities. We are lucky to have such incredible beer right in our backyard (Tunbridge is known as the town with the most breweries per capita if you did not know). We also have two breweries that care so much for where they live. The Alliance for Vermont Communities has stuck to the phrase ‘Together We Can’ since the very beginning. The message stems from our work to prevent one man’s dream to bring an out of scale development into these 4 towns, but it has begun to take on much more meaning for our organization and our communities. Brocklebank and Upper Pass took this message to a new level and literally canned a beer together ‘Together We Can.’ It was the first time the two breweries had worked together on a commercial project and the first time AVC had worked with a brewery. The resulting ‘Vermont Summer Ale’ rightfully coined ‘Together We Can’ was released at the event. With the Alliance for Vermont Communities message printed on the side of the cans, they headed out for distribution to the rest of Vermont for enjoyment and hopefully a friendly reminder of not only the current threat to all rural Vermont communities but also what incredible things we can do together.





Both Breweries decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Alliance for Vermont Communities and we are so thankful for them and what they have done for their communities and beyond.

This was an incredible event and one we hope to continue every year! A huge thank you goes out to everyone who made this happen.

We hope to see you next year on Saturday June 10th, 2018!

Thank you!

Together We Can!

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