Ashley Outings

The Outings listed below were offered in the spring, summer and fall of 2019. Watch for the 2020 offerings in the coming months.

Everyone Welcome!

The Alliance for Vermont Communities in partnership with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies are glad to offer a series of hikes led by local naturalists in the Ashley Community Forest, a beautiful 256-acre wooded area which straddles the Sharon and Strafford boundary.

This land has been purchased thanks to generous donors, the Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and will be conserved for generations to come. The Alliance for Vermont Communities plans to give the land to both towns to be used as a community resource for recreation, wildlife, historic preservation, timber, and scenic beauty in the voters of the towns accept the gift.

Conservation Commission members from Strafford and Sharon are working together with Alliance members, the Vermont Land Trust and the selectboards to prepare legal and management structures for potential common ownership by the towns, including development of a management plan. Public input will be important in drafting the plan.

The walks are free!  But space is limited.  Please register by contacting Michael Sacca at 802.889.3210 or Directions will be provided upon registration.

Ashley Outings Schedule: Fall 2019

September 21 – Mosses  9:00am-11:30am    Mike Hebb and Alan Strickland          Learn More

September 28 – Bedrock Geology of the Ashley Community Forest  9:00-11:30am     Peter and Thelma Thompson        Learn More

October 5      –  Trees    9:00-11:30am      Paul Harwood       Learn More

October 12 –    – Cellar Holes & Stone Walls  9:00am-11:30am      Paul Kristensen   Learn More         

October 13      – Fall Mushrooms  9:00am-11:30am         Peter Brooke & Ray Sehnal          Learn More