Take Action

What can YOU do? Plenty!

Are you concerned about out-of-scale development in Vermont?

Take these actions:

  • Lend your voice. Call your state representative to voice your concerns about out-of-scale development in Vermont. Write a letter to the editor. Write a blog post. Share our content to your networks.
  • Volunteer. You may have skills to help our organization.
  • Protest! Join with us at our protest rallies.
  • Donate funds to support our efforts to stop out-of-scale development in our towns.
  • Get to know your Town Clerk. Keep up to date on what’s going on in your town government.
  • Get a copy of your Town Plan. Learn what your town has planned for your future. Let your town planning commission know what you think about New Vistas.
  • Attend planning meetings in your town. You can influence the town plan and the future of your town’s development.
  • Talk to your neighbors. Come together, share your experiences, help one another as you stand up to out-of-scale development.
  • Join the “Stop New Vistas” Facebook Group to stay involved and up-to-date on protests, projects, and actions.
  • Communicate your concerns. Write to your local paper, post to Facebook, write a blog post.
  • Consider becoming a conservation investor. If you have financial resources, we are looking for investors to help purchase land to conserve it for future generations and Vermonters. Contact us through our form

Are you a neighbor in the Four Corners area who needs help to save your property from high-pressure development tactics? We may be able to help. Contact info@alliancevermont.org.

Join the fight to Stop New Vistas!
Other ideas? We would love to hear from you, contact info@alliancevermont.org.